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"May your road lead you to warm sands"

cardinal-bones said: I tentatively identify as bi

That’ll work haha. So basically I’ve always identified as bisexual but it took me a while to be comfortable with being open about it. I told one of my friends in middle school but kind of kept it a secret until high school. I started being more open in like freshman/sophomore year but still only a couple of my close friends knew. By senior year, I was fairly open about it and now a couple years later, I can actually say I’m comfortable with my sexual orientation even if I’m still a little hesitant around certain people (because, y’know, people are shitty). BUT I feel like I should identify as pan because I am attracted to people that fall outside the gender binary. It’s just that I never even knew pansexual was a word until maybe two years ago so I’m just more comfortable calling myself bi because that’s what I’ve always done. It took me a while to be confident in my orientation and if I started saying I’m pansexual I’d have to gain that confidence all over again. Plus most non-queer people don’t know what pansexual means but everyone knows what bisexual means so it’s easier to explain. I know there’s a lot of people that are attracted to non-binary people but still identify as bi because that’s what they’re comfortable with and that’s kind of the stance I’ve taken on it but at the same time I feel like I’m kind of ignoring anyone who doesn’t identify as male or female because of the very nature of the word bisexual. Bi means two. There are more than two genders. I am not only attracted to those genders. I don’t know what I should do…

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thejabberwokk said: …I like the texts posts TwT”’

Thank you you’re lovely <3

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The more text posts I make the more followers I lose

This is amazing

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Are any of my followers bi/pan? I need some opinions on something

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I just want to be able to not think for a while

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Sometimes I go through periods of “ew why would anyone date [insert gender here] I only ever want to be with [insert different gender here]” and other times I’m like “everyone is fucking gross I’m not attracted to anyone” but then sometimes it’s “everyone is so fucking hot I want to kiss all of you”

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Lupe VasconcelosUntitled (demoness)Ink and tempera gouache on Canson Mi-teintes paper221x143mm


Lupe Vasconcelos
Untitled (demoness)

Ink and tempera gouache on Canson Mi-teintes paper

(via obscurus-nox)

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I hate weekends because they just remind me of how alone I am

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Still doing those questions if anyone wants to send me some…

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Gilvoth and Vemyn hanging out :O


Gilvoth and Vemyn hanging out :O

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